1).Locate your target. To learn how to find toads see How to Locate toads.2).Kneel down and cup your hands around the toad. If you decide to pick it up, the toad may water on your hand. They do this when they get very nervous.(its not pee its water released from a water bladder)3).Do not do anything harmful to it. This is not only mean, but a form of animal cruelty, and you can even get fined for it. Put the toad back where you found it so it can go about its business again. Toads are fun, but you wouldn't like it if people picked you up and squished you right?


  • Be very quiet. Toads have good hearing.
  • Don't make sudden movements.
  • Look in backyards and gardens.
  • Cup your hands around it so it does not jump out and get hurt.
  • Toads often hide under logs, near stumps, and under rocks near a food source.
  • Some people think that you may get warts from a toad, but this is completely false.
  • Do not handle a toad too much, the oils on the human skin can be harmful to it.
  • Don't keep a wild toad or frog for a pet.

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How to catch a Toad

How to catch a Toad

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