Magic Toes

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There is an easy way to catch a gecko, like a wood slave gecko. And the instructions are also easy, if you have the materials you need, enough time, space and energy!


  1. Use a net. It is easy to catch them if you have a big, long net, but you can also use water, because it slows the gecko down and it will be easy for use to catch it. 
  2. Try to make the gecko go down to the floor/ground, like using a long stick. Put the stick on top of the gecko and when it goes down, do it again until it is on the floor/ground. But be careful not to harm the gecko. In other words, allow the gecko to crawl down the stick. 
  3. Use a net to catch it. But if you don't have a net you can use water. First get a water hose or a bucket or bottle of water. Wet the gecko and the places around the gecko so that it will slow down. If it gets out of the water pour water all around the gecko again, then get something like a net, jar or bucket to catch the gecko. 


  • You can put the gecko in a jar with a lid while you don't have a good, safe, permanent home for your gecko. But if you don't have money to buy a good home for your gecko, you can put it on the jar, but an aquarium is the best home for a gecko or a small lizard.
  • If your gecko is small, like the wood slave gecko, usually 1-7 inches long, you can feed it small insects like flies, mosquitoes, small dragonflies and small cockroaches. If your gecko is big, like the Tokay gecko, feed it crickets and other insects that can fit in the Tokay gecko's mouth. You can sometimes feed the Tokay gecko small mice.

Things You'll NeedEdit

  • Long and strong net
  • Something long, like like a long broom or stick that is long enough to reach the ceiling or where the gecko is so the gecko can crawl down the stick.