The Balkan Water Frog ( Rana kurtmuelleri ) is a species in the family of 'real frogs' belonging to the order anurans .


The Balcan Water Frog is closely related to the Marsh Frog which it replaces in its range. Appearance is also similar to the Marsh Frog, namely an olive brown / greyish top and whitish underside with dark spots. More greenish forms are less common than in the Marsh Frog, and it has a clear, light green center line along the back. The average length is 72 mm for males, 78 mm for females. The male has a gray strupsäckar.


The Balkan Water Frog is a highly aquatic species, found in wetlands and in or near the open water from sea level up to 1000 m. However, it is rare above 600 m

Distribution Edit

The species found in most parts of Albania and Greece . It has also been introduced to the region of Liguria in Italy (1941). There are also, probably fairly recently introduced (during the early 1980s) population in Fælledparken in Copenhagen . 

Status Edit

The frog is classified as viable ("LC") and the population is not decreasing. Drainage and water pollution are possible threats, as well as food gathering in the northern part of its range.

Status in the UKEdit

Some frogs were brought in along with the Pool Frogs, there is an estimate of over 20 breeding pairs throughout the UK.